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"Thank you, Mr President. A strong society and economy can only be built on generations and citizens who are sound in body and mind, so we must do our utmost to guarantee the destiny and rights of future generations even in our own interests, since sooner or later we will all depend on the solidarity of future generations. Mrs Angelilli therefore deserves recognition for her report, which clarifies the theme in a complex manner. The right of our children to a full life is a complicated system of social requirements and legal guarantees: the right of children to be born and brought up in healthy surroundings; their right to study and to make their dreams come true. Family and child poverty is a fundamental barrier to enforcing these rights, so it cannot be emphasised enough how crucial it is for the European institutions and Member States to take on a role in the fight against poverty. This must also be done to prevent crimes against children and the exploitation of children. A borderless Europe entered a new era at the end of last year. It is a great challenge for the opening up of the Schengen area not to create favourable opportunities for criminals. It would therefore be desirable to design a system to make information on crimes committed against children, and the sentences, available to the Member States and to protect children from criminals being employed within their environment. Mrs Angelilli’s excellent report will become truly valuable if legislative steps ensue. I trust it will be so. Thank you, Mr President."@en1

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