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"Thank you for the floor, Mr President. I think there are only a few of us who would not be directly or indirectly affected by the topic of protecting the rights of children. The Community institutions have already dealt frequently with various aspects of this topic, but agreed with the submitting committee that, in addition to all this, a comprehensive strategy needs to be developed. There are some specific areas that we absolutely must take into account when working out such a vision. These include, for example, the prohibition of all kinds of violence against children, fighting poverty and discrimination, and the right to education. As Mr Frattini stated in his introduction that the Agency will deal with this area in particular, I would like to make a recommendation to you: why not make the first specific request from the Commission to the Agency that it investigate the enforcement of precisely this area, the rights of the child? I find the sexual abuse of children, child labour and the enormous differences existing today between how children with refugee status are treated in individual Member States particularly worrying. The problem of street children and children forced to beg is a serious problem here in our immediate surroundings. I am also convinced that the fight for the complete enforcement of the rights of the child within the Union must mean above all reassessing the role of the family in this new Europe, and reinforcing the role of upbringing alongside education, so that our children receive guidance, as well as professional knowledge, in our ever more troubled world. Perhaps fewer children would be inclined towards violence, suffering physically or damaged psychologically. Thank you."@en1

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