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"Colleagues, allow me to remind you of a few basic facts about how we operate here. The President can suspend the sitting at any time. I merely have to get up – to rise from this seat – and the proceedings will be suspended automatically. Rest assured, please, that I have no intention of rising from my seat, but do be aware that all it takes for the proceedings to be suspended is that the President should get up. So my first point is this: the proceedings were suspended because it rests entirely within the President’s power to suspend the sitting when he or she chooses to do so. A second absolute rule is the following: this is the plenary session and only the plenary session has control – total control – over its agenda. That is why I am proposing to you that you amend the order of business along the lines I have just suggested. Should you not wish to make the changes I have proposed, then in that case – and only in that case – Mr Heaton-Harris, you would be right, we would work to the agenda previously agreed. I will therefore now ask whether the Members are formally opposed to changing the order of business as I have just suggested. We will formally hear the case against the proposal and then I will take a speaker in favour of it."@en1

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