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"The House Rules of Procedure state that voting is normally to be by show of hands unless a roll-call vote is specifically requested. When voting by show of hands it may so happen, not often but from time to time, and only from time to time, that either because MEPs do not raise their hands or because there is some confusion, the presidency makes a mistake when assessing the outcome of a vote. Should that happen then, again frequently, an MEP will request verification and as a result the President holds a roll-call vote to that end and the situation is resolved. This is all, therefore, provided for, and our votes proceed perfectly correctly 99.9% of the time. In any event, the President of the Parliament received a letter from Mr Booth MEP noting this issue and requesting action to be taken on it. This matter will be discussed at the Conference of Presidents and, of course by the working group looking at reform of the House’s working methods. This is in train. Please be assured therefore, Mr Farage, that we are going to pay a great deal of attention to this matter and are seeking to ensure that things run more smoothly every day. Mr Swoboda, we are going to vote today by roll call, which is also in accordance with the Rules of Procedure as a roll-call vote has been requested by a political group. Today. And from today we will take decisions."@en1

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