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"Mr President, Commissioner, first of all I would like to congratulate the on his excellent work, which no doubt required considerable patience, but has doubtless brought him considerable satisfaction. This report can certainly be counted as being one of the most controversial and most difficult compromises. Its objective is to bring more closely together different regulations in various EU countries, which really are very different, and legislation in this area is largely under the control of Member States. Harmonisation in this sector is quite simply impossible. We can only try to introduce a partial convergence of requirements, and even this, as we have seen over the past months, has caused considerable problems. I agree with the approach taken by the that in an area as difficult as this Member States should be given as free a hand as possible. This seems to be the only sensible solution to enable such a difficult and weighty report to be accepted by all interested parties. It would appear that, in its present form, the text has been simplified. What can be seen in all the work over this report is the lack of an analysis of impacts, and such an analysis would certainly have improved its quality. Overall, this draft seems to me to be satisfactory. Obviously this version is far from being ideal, but it has been adapted to the current situation in Member States. This proposal will abolish financial and administrative burdens on consumers and will, in my opinion, introduce important provisions to protect the consumer, making it easier to obtain credit. One of the most useful proposals is the introduction of comparisons."@en1

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