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"Mr President, I should first like to thank Mr Lechner for his drafting and his constructive cooperation. I should also like to thank the Commissioner and the Council, because it was a lengthy trialogue. Unfortunately we were not able to reach a compromise, but we were only a hairsbreadth away from one, so I am pleased that on Wednesday morning we shall be voting on that same compromise and I am assuming we shall achieve it. Why? We have in fact been talking about it for seven years already. If we want to have any political credibility with the market and our citizens, with consumers but also with the sector and the industry. it is important for us to take a decision at last. A compromise is always give and take and of course there are aspects that could be improved, but that applies to all parties. The fact is that a compromise is mixing water with wine and then you get a result and you have to be satisfied with it. I believe that the present plan is in the interests of both consumers and the financial sector. That is what we have to work towards, that is in the interests of Europe and the internal market."@en1

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