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"Madam President, I thank all the speakers for their very positive contributions. Indeed, every accident, every injury, every death at work, such as those which occurred last December in Turin in Italy, reminds us that more needs to be done to protect the working men and women of Europe. It reminds us that more has to be done to achieve our ultimate aim: to make Europe a safer place to work. The new strategy is aimed precisely at reducing today’s unacceptable level of work accidents and occupational illnesses. I would like to emphasise that, taking account of the available human resources, one can say that the current allocation of personnel will allow the Commission’s departments to perform their duties properly in this area. Within the framework of the overall deployment of human resources allocated to the field of employment and social affairs, the Commission will be constantly assessing the workload in the various specialised areas, and will allocate staff accordingly. I would also like to mention, on the issue of needleprick injuries, that we are preparing a relevant proposal for an amendment to the Directive, which we shall submit in 2008. Again, I would like to thank this House for this discussion and for approving Mrs Willmott’s report. We have seen proof, once again, of the European Parliament’s strong policy support for the principle of keeping health and safety at work high on the agenda - for the benefit of the economy, and also as a guarantee that employees will return safe and sound to their loved ones after work."@en1

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