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"The proposal for a Regulation concerning the export and import of dangerous chemicals is an improvement in the use of chemicals, in that the health of the population and the environment are protected more effectively. The regulation aims to encourage the joint accountability of exporters and importers and to support them in their cooperation effort so as to ensure control over the international circulation of hazardous chemicals. The new regulation amends the definition of the exporter so as to include persons who export such dangerous chemicals from the EU but are not resident in the EU, thus ensuring an effective control and supervision of the flow of hazardous chemicals. The Prior Informed Consent (PIC) procedure, whereby certain chemicals require explicit authorisation by the importing country, also helps trading countries to obtain more accurate information concerning the hazardous chemicals prohibited on environmental and public health grounds which may transit importing countries. Nevertheless, the PIC procedure is no substitute for effective and sustained border controls, and Member States should cooperate to ensure the effective management of the movement of these hazardous materials on their territory."@en1

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