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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the regulation before us, as you know, concerns a highly technical issue. That is why there was no provision for a debate originally, but now that we have the opportunity to express our point of view after all, I would like to say something briefly on behalf of the PPE-DE Group. I am also very pleased that, after a number of informal consultations with the Council and the Commission, we have reached an agreement at first reading. This was only possible in fact thanks to the efforts and openness of our rapporteur, who was willing to listen to all parties. Naturally I also thank the Commission and the Council for their contributions. Now the present regulation on the import and export of certain dangerous chemicals, in addition to the dual legal basis – Article 133 and Article 175(1) – and a number of technical changes, does indeed focus, as the rapporteur has also already mentioned, on the amended procedure for explicit consent, which is dealt with in Article 13. The informal discussions mainly concentrated on that issue. I am convinced that greater flexibility is appropriate in some cases, not only to safeguard the export interests of European countries, but also to guarantee the highest level of protection of the environment and public health for all parties concerned. That way certain dangerous chemicals may still be exported without explicit agreement or consent, but under very strict conditions. I think that the wording in the agreement ensures that the safe export of substances is guaranteed and even strengthened. This last point was indeed achieved by scrapping part of the Commission’s original text. As the PPE-DE’s shadow rapporteur, I am also confident that, together with the Council and the Commission, we have reached a good, balanced and practicable compromise. I hope that my fellow Members will approve everything tomorrow."@en1

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