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"The initiative of clarifying the regulations concerning airport charges and the development of transparent, non-discriminatory procedures for the calculation of these charges is welcome, because it prevents any abuse on the part of market-dominant airports. Transparency and the uninterrupted exchange of information between air transport service providers and clients are thus ensured for both individual airports and airport networks. Moreover, Member States may apply the provisions of this Directive to other airports within their territory, thus encouraging competition and implicitly reducing airport charges, for the benefit of end-users. Due to the existence of common standards, passengers will get the same services for the same prices, and cost-effectiveness will be the only criterion used by airports in the management of their equipment and services. The appropriate enforcement of these procedures will be ensured by the establishment of an independent national regulatory authority in each Member State. It is my firm belief that European citizens will benefit first and foremost from this regulation. Other benefits will include: further investment in the aviation sector, improved passenger safety, security and trust, which in turn will lead to a significant long-term contribution to the development of air transport in the European Union."@en1

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