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"Mr President, in the interests of not repeating anything that has been said, I fully support the need for more transparency in airport charges. As charges at airports are not part of the operational costs of airlines but are part of the operational, development and maintenance costs of airports, I would like to know the Commission’s view on the compulsory need for airlines to refund airport charges if a passenger has to cancel a flight. At the very least they should get full credit, if not an actual refund of any airport charges on a cancelled flight. I do not think it is acceptable for airlines to pocket airport charges if flights are cancelled. Some of them are doing that at the moment, others will refund after taking a hefty administration charge out of it, which makes it unworthy to pursue the actual refund itself. That is a small point but a very irritating point for passengers in the EU, and I think we should say something now and tie that in to what we are talking about here."@en1

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