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"I would like to congratulate the rapporteur, Mr Stockmann, on his significant improvements to the Commission’s proposal. All the airports falling within the scope of this Directive will be subject to the same rules of transparency and will provide information regarding the calculation and use of airport charges. According to Recital 1, the main task of airports is to ensure the handling of aircraft, from landing to take-off, and of passengers and cargo. Given the wide range of activities taking place in an airport, it is necessary to clearly define the responsibilities of each entity and in particular the manner of funding of these activities. However, we should pay particular attention to the possibility of actually enforcing this Directive in all Member States. Continued dialogue between airports and transport operators is indispensable. One of our amendments asks for airport charges introduced to cover security costs to be used exclusively for implementing security measures. Member States should also use Structural Funds in order to develop the infrastructure of their regional airports. According to Eurostat data on five new Member States, air passenger traffic increased by 25% in 2006 in relation to 2005. Over the same period Romania has seen the most significant increase (35%)."@en1

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