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"As an MP, a traveller and a pilot, I am pleased that with this directive the Union is for the first time regulating the sphere of airport fees, which I find useful for several reasons. Firstly I think it is crucial that it is allowing us to determine common principles for the levying of airport fees, which will lead to greater clarity and less discrimination. The second emphasis I see is the initiation of dialogue between airport authorities and airline companies, which should mean that greater attention will be paid to passengers, whether in terms of their safety or the quality of service. It seems to me important that with this directive we have shown our favourable attitude towards the development needs of airports, i.e. the possibility of higher taxes, but under the condition that there is a dialogue with the users giving them clear information and ring-fencing the taxes exclusively for developmental purposes. Finally, I would like to give strong support to the establishment of independent regulatory bodies in the hope that, in accordance with the principles of proportionality, it does not lead to excessive bureaucratisation. I am especially thinking of those Member States that have one large airport and one largely state-owned national airline. Although in such cases we do not need extensive regulatory bodies, it is urgently necessary to provide a structural separation of that function from activities relating to ownership or supervision. Allow me also a remark about terminology: In my opinion it is more appropriate in English to use the term "independent regulatory authority" than "independent supervisory authority", because the latter could be understood as some kind of inspection body, which is not intended by this directive. For the second reading I propose that the possibility of exception, or opt-out, be introduced under certain conditions for those airports operating in special circumstances. My congratulations to the rapporteur and those cooperating with him."@en1

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