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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I must thank and congratulate Mr Stockmann for his openness and capacity to achieve compromise between the various interests involved in the preparation of this high-quality report, particularly with regard to the outermost regions. I support the broad lines of the Commission’s proposal and I am committed to this report because it guarantees non-discrimination in airport charges, except where this is compatible with, and necessary under, the Treaty, specifically with regard to forecasts for the outermost regions. A compulsory procedure for consultation between airport management bodies and users must exist. Any differentiation in charges must be transparent and based on clear criteria, taking into account the principle of territorial cohesion. According to our proposal, future remodelling will be possible for objective and transparent reasons of public interest, particularly in relation to universal access. Member States must ensure, and I quote, ‘that airports levy the same charge for the same service. The airport managing body may grant airport user concessions on charges based on the quality of a service used, provided that the concession in question is available to all users of the airport under publicised, transparent and objective conditions. It may grant a concession to users which open new routes … in accordance with EC competition law ..."@en1

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