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"Mr President, I would like to begin by saying that I appreciate the work undertaken by Mr Stockmann, the rapporteur, and by the Commission. The competitiveness of the European economy calls for a transparent and rational approach to airport charges. The latter are a significant component of the carriers' operational costs. This issue concerns not only airport owners but also airlines and therefore passengers too. Airports of national or continental importance are affected along with regional ones. The question of the size limit arises. Is the proposed amended criterion of 5 million passenger movements or 15% of passenger movements in a particular country appropriate? In no circumstances should these provisions impact negatively on passengers. The services provided by airports must comply with the criteria for safety and punctuality of arrivals, departures and transfers. We are all aware that at the moment our airports differ considerably as regards punctuality culture. In some of them the passenger is treated as a nuisance. Improvements and better passenger service would be most welcome."@en1

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