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"Mr President, one of the European Union's responsibilities is to ensure that the Community market develops in accordance with the principles of fair competition. The directive on airport charges aims to prevent potential abuses by airports enjoying a dominant position on the Union's market or in particular countries. It was proposed because not all countries apply transparent procedures when calculating airport charges. The new provisions are to apply to 67 large airports. I think we would do well to remember that the development of airports, especially smaller ones, plays an important part in promoting regional development in Europe. It makes a significant contribution to evening out economic differences between individual regions of the Union. This is especially true in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. My country, Poland, is one of the leaders in air transport. The Polish air transport market grew by 13% last year and is amongst those enjoying the most dynamic growth in the world. Air traffic growth calls for substantial investments, however. That is why it is essential to allow smaller airports to include in their airport charges part of the cost of long-term infrastructure development projects. This would be of great assistance in financing their development."@en1

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