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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to begin by thanking Mr Stockmann for his excellent report and good cooperation. I think that when we reach the end of the legislative process we will have taken an important new step toward achieving a situation where the most important European airports are finally observing the same rules when it comes to levying all kinds of charges for services related to landing, take-off, airport lighting, parking of aircraft and the processing of passengers and freight. The field of application was one of the major sticking points. I think that the compromise is excellent: 5 million passengers, 15% of the flights in a Member State. Account should also be taken of the fact that in our compromise we have made provision for Member States to be given the opportunity, if necessary following an enquiry, to require other airports in the same Member State to comply with these regulations too. I think that there are four important elements. The first is that transparency is the constant theme right through the legislation and the imposition of relevant objectives and transparent criteria for determining the level of airport charges is essential. The second is that variation in the level of airport charges will continue to be possible, and I also have in mind, for instance, variation based on environmental performance, based on noise nuisance. This would make a steering policy possible. The third important element is that a clear and compulsory procedure is worked out for consultations between the airport managing body and users and that a good complaints procedure is established. The final element is that clear agreements are to be made on pre-financing of significant investments in the airports and how these can be costed. To sum up, I think that we can come up with a good end result if the Council has the will to do so. I realise that there will be a few problems on the way. I am also thinking about the approved amendments on financing security measures, which were mainly intended as a means of exerting pressure to find a solution for another issue, as you know. Meanwhile that is over and done with, and so I think that we in Parliament should be more flexible in the remainder of the procedure."@en1

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