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"Mr President, there have been some wonderful arguments, at least in abstract and general terms, over whether we should have deregulation or over-regulation. However, when it comes to the individual case it is always possible that either of these solutions will prove to be the most practical. On the subject of airport charges the Commission was, in my view, quite right to put forward a proposal for a directive, even though in the case of the Costa report we were also right to praise the efforts being made to reduce the administrative burden. Airports are important economic players and there are positive as well as potentially negative consequences associated with the key economic role they play. In its proposal the Commission has put forward an interesting concept, though perhaps it is somewhat too finely woven. We in the Committee on Transport and Tourism have made a few changes, and I hope, and indeed believe, that these are for the better. Our rapporteur, Mr Stockmann, held a series of lengthy talks with all the stakeholders, and especially with the various groups in this House, before producing some excellent compromises that we were for the most part able to support. I would just like to focus on three aspects. Firstly, we wanted to ensure that the directive would prevent individual airports from abusing their dominant market position. Secondly, we need Community-wide provisions in order to establish a smooth-functioning, non-discriminatory, transparent and comprehensive procedure for calculating these charges. Thirdly, it is logical to set up an independent regulatory authority in each Member State in order to ensure that the provisions are implemented. I am assuming that our proposals will be adopted tomorrow in plenary by a large majority and would like to congratulate the rapporteur, in particular, on his excellent work."@en1

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