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"Mr President, this report on preventing the abuse by airports of their competitive position can count on my endorsement. I am especially satisfied with it on three points. The first is the adjustment of the field of application. Not all airports are able to abuse their position. The concentration on larger airports is sensible, therefore, and so I disagree with some of the previous speakers. Secondly, I am happy with the opportunity for differentiation of charges in the report. In view of the harmful environmental effects caused by aviation at and around airports, the instrument of differentiation could encourage the use of cleaner and quieter aircraft. I also share the view that we should guard against putting an excessive administrative burden upon airports. For the sake of transparency, they should disclose certain information, but having said that we need to keep a sharp eye on costs and confidentiality. Finally, I would like to say something about Amendment 19. While I warmly welcome an independent regulatory authority, I think that the wording of Amendment 19 could lead to problems in some countries, because the establishment of procedures and their supervision is assigned to one and the same organisation. I hope that the discussions with the Council will offer the opportunity to resolve this issue satisfactorily. In conclusion, I would like to thank the rapporteur for his work and I look forward to the continuation of the debate on this report."@en1

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