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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to say how glad I am that a successful compromise has been reached in this new dossier where a joint decision is required. It has enjoyed the support of the various groupings at the Committee on Transport and Tourism level. It may emerge that whether this matter has to be regulated at all and what the threshold will be [...] airports, airports below the threshold [...] lower threshold. I believe that we have made a good decision in that we have only dealt with those principles which are truly necessary for there not to be a practice of Member States deviating and therefore playing off against each other. I am also glad that only airports that are really large or in a monopoly situation will be regulated. I also feel it is a joint success that a complaints process will only be initiated if the set threshold is exceeded. We have set realistic deadlines for this process, thus cutting short endless debates. I personally feel it is a success that we have in the text the opportunity for prefinancing, and preventing malpractice here too. We have created a joint compromise on the range of tasks for the regulatory authority and on owner independence. The greatest benefit will be transparency, which will offer a great deal of help in giving the public a proper breakdown of the price of an air ticket. The citizens of the Union will have their trust in the EU reinforced and at the same time the principle of subsidiarity will not be compromised as a result. We have not resolved all the issues. I expect to see debate with the Council over a good few questions, security charges for example, or double check-in systems. In any case we now have what I feel to be a very strong position and I hope that this success will guide us in our negotiations with the Council. Thank you, Mr President, and once again I apologise for the lateness."@en1

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