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"The Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation No 11 concerning the abolition of discrimination in transport rates and conditions requires land, rail or waterborne freight carriers operating within the Community to provide information on their rates, applicable agreements, terms of carriage, as well as the necessary documentation. Thus, operators are forbidden to discriminate by applying differential rates (with reference to the same product being carried in the same transportation system on the same route), but discriminations are created according to the country of destination or of origin. This is a very important Regulation, but as it had been in force since 1960, it needed updating. The draft amendment simplifies existing legislation and ensures more stability in the conditions applicable to the transportation of goods. According to the statistics provided by the Commission, it is true, as the Commissioner said, that the Regulation will affect or will have some bearing on the activity of some 300 thousand transport operators, and this amendment will reduce Europe-wide administrative expenditure by some €160 million/year. The European Parliament intends to reduce by 25% the administrative burden on enterprises by the year 2012. The proposal for the amendment of the two Regulations, as put forward to the Commission, is among the measures designed to achieve that objective. It is true, however, that the Committee on Transport was notified in the codecision procedure, which is contrary to Article 73(3) of the Treaty. Hence the proposal put forward by Mr Costa as rapporteur was adopted unanimously."@en1

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