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"Mr President, I should like to begin by thanking my fellow Members for this truly fair and open debate. It has been conducted on a high level and has covered the issues of climate protection, innovation and – as we have been aware of at all times, especially when it comes to our fellow Members from the GUE/NGL – job security. These are three areas where we all have to find common agreement. I should also like to express my thanks to Claude Turmes for his various clarifications and suggestions. However, I would like to say quite openly that I consider the remarks made by Mrs Liotard to be unfair. It is not all about running after some lobby group or other. It is about fighting fervently for a policy that represents a key market for us in Europe. Here I am fully behind the Commissioner and I am also fully behind you too, Claude. I would maintain that you have been unfair here, Mrs Liotard. It is not right that you should call this lobbyism. I would at this point just like to quote from the great German sociologist Max Weber, who said that politicians must have passion – and I am actually trying to show some of this now – but at the same time they must have a sense of responsibility and a sense of proportion. The latter sometimes seems to get lost in debates of this kind with all the hysteria about climate change. Keeping a sense of proportion means ensuring that the great objectives that we want to achieve are also feasible. I would now just like to mention my colleague Chris Davies, for I am just a little proud of him. There is no one in the ALDE Group who is greener or more ecologically minded than Chris Davies. Nonetheless, he has had the sense of proportion in his report to call for practical limits and deadlines. That is what all this is about: we should not be giving the people of Europe the run-around, but should be doing things that are really achievable. I am pleased to see that the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety adopted the report by a large majority. I also want to thank the members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy for having adopted this report by a fairly large majority and I hope that tomorrow many of the Members will vote for it here in this House."@en1

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