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"Mr President, I should like to join the many Members who have thanked the rapporteur for the excellent report we are discussing here. It is clear that, given so many cars, the increasing mobility and an increasing desire to give even more people the opportunity to drive, the issue of emissions is a key problem that we shall have to address. Carbon dioxide is not toxic to humans in itself, and a little more CO2 in the atmosphere would actually make plants grow slightly faster. It is, however, ruinous to the climate, and so it is important that we do what we can to reduce CO2 emissions. In my opinion, we must place greater reliance on research, to enable us to develop engines that run at a significantly higher temperature than is currently the case – possibly using ceramic or other materials, and especially by means of a much more widespread use of software for control purposes. I believe that the objectives laid down will be easy to achieve. There is no reason to believe that, given a concentrated, targeted effort and substantial research resources, Europe should not be able to achieve the objectives it has set itself, and make itself the leading industry within the automotive sector that it already is."@en1

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