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"Mr President, the car industry should have reduced its emissions by a great deal more than it has, but we are where we are and it takes time to achieve change economically, so I welcome the rapporteur’s proposal to set a target of 125 g by 2015, to bring it in line with the vote of this Parliament last October. I think it is ambitious, but it is achievable. And, to a significant degree, it now reflects the Commission’s proposals for only a very gradual phase-in of penalties after 2012. But I am sorry that the rapporteur has proposed that the target values should be based on weight, because this removes an incentive to reduce the weight of cars and it goes counter to the vote we had in October. So, please, let us be consistent. In its proposals, the Commission has recognised that footprint may have great merit; it simply says that we have not got the data to establish the credentials for that yet, so let us get the data as fast as we can and keep the options open. We do not want to fight our business leaders and our entrepreneurs. On the contrary, if we are to combat climate change and reduce the threat that now hangs over the survival of billions of people in the poorest parts of this planet, we have to get them to accept responsibility for their actions. I was wrong in November when I claimed here that Michael O’Leary, the boss of Ryanair, had said that he did not give a toss for the environment so long as he could stuff his pockets and those of his airline full of gold. That may be the impression his scorn for environmentalists sometimes creates, but I apologise and withdraw the claim, and look forward to taking up his offer of a debate. But if we are to tackle the problem of climate change, we need people like Mr O’Leary and his counterparts in the car industry on side, working with us, pushing the boundaries of innovation and leading from the front."@en1

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