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"Mr President, the Committee on Legal Affairs supports the CARS 21 initiative, which we believe was an exemplary example of stakeholder involvement. We say yes to the integrated approach, which we believe is fundamental to the success of this initiative. But, like Mr Harbour, I would raise the question about Member States’ commitment, given their unilateral desire on occasion to legislate or implement fiscal regimes which undermine the integrated approach. Yes to simplification, replacing 38 directives with UN regulations – as long as we are not seen as abdicating our right to legislate should we need to – and yes to the development of technologically driven solutions such as ECOR. But I would hope that the Commission could take more action, as Ms Mann has suggested, on intellectual property rights, particularly in relation to China. We would like to see a proper implementation of the Regulation on Motor Vehicle Distribution in the EU and we believe it is fundamental to address non-harmonised implementation, the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive. We have to improve cross-border inspections of vehicles and cross-border enforcement of traffic rules in other Member States, because otherwise the whole situation becomes very disparate. But, like Mr Turmes, I believe that what we should be looking for is a framework which extends to 2020 and beyond."@en1

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