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"Mr President, the automotive sector, which provides the European economy with a significant number of jobs, needs an ambitious framework that provides for coherent, integrated measures, in accordance with the Lisbon Strategy, to cope with the new challenges. Our industry is the world’s largest producer of cars and second largest producer of lorries, and it has good after-sales services. As such, it needs to assert its position and ensure that it is capable of meeting the mobility and transport requirements, increasing productivity, improving safety and benefiting the environment. To achieve this, economic efficiency is crucial. It is what is going to allow us to meet all of the objectives and guarantee affordable prices for fleet renewal, i.e. purchasing vehicles, and for maintaining them during their useful life. The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs has highlighted this aspect and expressed its support for efforts to improve competition and the protection of intellectual property rights, and to improve the tax treatment of the sector. These points are to a large extent incorporated in the report and I therefore congratulate the rapporteur."@en1

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