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"Mr President, Commissioner, Mr Chatzimarkakis, I was responsible for drafting the relevant report for the INTA Committee. Here we essentially focused on three key aspects. First of all, we called on the Commission to ensure as a matter of urgency, and with due care and diligence, that all recommendations are examined to determine to what extent they impact on the multilateral stage – the so-called Doha Round – and on the bilateral agreements. These bilateral agreements were of special interest to us, as here in the case of Korea. However, we also focused attention on other countries such as India and the ASEAN states. It is important to ensure that market access is only opened up provided that we are also able to have appropriate guarantees from the other side. This relates especially to the so-called non-tariff trade barriers. Secondly, we wish to see greater coordination when it comes to setting international agreements and international standards. Thirdly, we would urgently recommend that when examining internal competition we do not lose sight of international competitive conditions, which have changed considerably in recent years. We now recognise that we have many more international competitors to deal with."@en1

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