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"In September 2006 the European Parliament appealed for an end to trade in seal products. A record number of Members supported that declaration. Unfortunately, however, despite such strong support and Parliament's subsequent adoption of the so-called Action Plan on the Protection and Welfare of Animals, calling for a total ban on trade in seal products on the territory of the European Union, no positive outcome has been achieved. The ban has proved ineffective and has not put an end to trade in seal fur within the Union, which remains one of the largest markets for such fur. Young seals just a few days above the age protected under the ban are hunted for commercial purposes and sold legally. The hunting methods fail to comply with even the most elementary principles. The animals are skinned whilst still alive and their bodies then dumped in the water. This slaughter will continue as long as the European Commission does not impose a total ban on trade in all seal products."@en1

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