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"The December session of the European Parliament was incorrectly informed that radio broadcasting for minorities in Slovakia is about to end and that the public service is closing down the Rádio Patria broadcasting in minority languages. Ladies and gentlemen, the Slovak broadcasting service is not preparing any restrictions concerning Rádio Patria. On the contrary, since January 2007 Rádio Patria has, for the first time in its history, an independent broadcasting radius, which covers 100% of the Slovak Republic. It broadcasts daily 8-10 hours of high-quality programming that consists of news, journalism and culture. That is more than ever before. No other European public service offers a similar range of broadcasting services for national minorities. Mr Chairman, it is sad when a Member of the European Parliament imagines that in a democracy one can say anything without having verified whether it is correct. Such attacks result in tension and they are detrimental to the good name of the country."@en1

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