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"I am speaking today to bring to your attention the position of Romanian farmers one year after Romania's accession. In Romania, agriculture is still inefficient or not efficient enough, and yet it is a vital occupation for most of the population. Farmers make up a significant proportion of the working population, but there is also a significant number of elderly farmers. In this context, I welcome the Commission’s decision not to activate the safeguard clause in this field; however, this is not enough. In 2008, European disbursements will amount to 25% of the European average; only in 9 years’ time will Romania be able to reach that average. Over the last few years, Romania has been quick to transpose the in the qualitative, health and phytosanitary fields. Adjustment costs can be a major obstacle to Romanian farmers taking advantage of the common agricultural policy. Romania is the second largest agricultural producer in Central Europe, after Poland, and it is only by capitalizing on European funding that this potential can be intelligently exploited and put to good use."@en1

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