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"Mr President, in some of our Member States it is possible for people to walk in off the street and receive training in the use of guns, and indeed Magnum guns, without any identification whatsoever, or without having a gun licence. I raise this here because there is evidence to suggest that organised criminals in Ireland are coming to parts of the European Union for such training and then returning to Ireland and murdering people through gangland murders. Often innocent bystanders are murdered as well. I raise this because, in November, Parliament approved a new directive, and that directive is now with the Council. I urge the Council to approve this directive this month so that it will pass at first reading. Secondly, I want to ask the Commission not to wait until this is transposed into national law in 27 Member States – that could take up to two years – but to start implementing some of the provisions, one of which is to set up a contact group of the 27 Member States with the Commission to start working to counteract the illegal use of weapons. I urge that this be done without further delay."@en1

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