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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Slovenia, the only country of the former Yugoslavia to have joined the European Union, has now taken over the Presidency of the Union. On the occasion of this historic event we would like to wish it every success with its Presidency. Nonetheless, there has never been a more pressing need to resolve the Yugoslavian crisis once and for all, be it the Kosovo issue or speeding up the accession of its Balkan neighbours. The only solution for the countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia is swift accession to the Union, in accordance with the established criteria. Peace requires an ambitious vision and, in particular, the will to move beyond the Balkans’ history and look towards a European future. To date, the Kosovo issue has not been resolved because the international community has been unable to come to an agreement. The European Union has also been a victim of this deadlock, this syndrome. Between the countries that are fearful of the effects of independence and those who dream only of validating their independence as soon as possible for various diplomatic reasons, Slovenia will initially have to ensure the cohesion of the Union by seeking first and foremost an internal compromise, if the EU’s foreign policy as laid down in the Treaty of Lisbon is not to be trivialised or even ridiculed. We know, nevertheless, that Mount Triglav in Slovenia symbolises determination and accomplishment. Let us hope therefore that it will be the symbol of 2008!"@en1

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