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"Mr President, in our first part-session of the New Year, I would like to talk about the political crisis, which continues to beset Lebanon be mired and the role that our Parliament should play. Together with the complex economic and political problems faced by this friendly nation, there is still an institutional vacuum, because since 23 November 2007 it has not been possible for its parliament to elect a president; this election has been postponed 12 times. Thus parliament remains closed and there is no possibility of discussing problems and prospects, or of putting to good use all the parliament’s constitutional powers to elect a president. I am aware of your sensitivity and the messages that you have sent to try to achieve this aim, Mr President, but I want to stress once again that we must express our deep unease concerning the consequences of this crisis for the suffering people of Lebanon, as well as for peace and stability in the region. Our democratic duties oblige us to do this, as do our obligations within the partnership. The association agreement with Lebanon provides for a stable political dialogue between the European Parliament and the Lebanese Parliament; we must make good use of this opportunity and send an effective message."@en1

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