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"Mr President, three years ago this month, Robert McCartney was brutally murdered by IRA members in Belfast. Abhorrence at that murder reached this House when the McCartney sisters brought here and put their case for justice in respect of that. Three years on, justice still evades them. Why? Primarily because the party which could help the most – Sinn Fein – is still more interested in protecting their own than seeing the killers brought to justice. Indeed, the situation has worsened, because pressure on Sinn Fein has been eased by their admission to government, with the result that, for the sake of maintaining that government, those like my former party the DUP are prepared to let Sinn Fein off the hook. Tragically, justice for Robert McCartney is secondary to maintaining the ‘chuckle coalition’ at Stormont. Likewise with the more recent murder of Paul Quinn, undoubtedly by the military wing of Sinn Fein – it, too, will be shamefully whitewashed and swept under the carpet. That is what happens when you treat with the forces of terrorism."@en1

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