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"I would like to talk about an awkward issue, which is the widespread campaign against smoking and smokers in the European Union, a campaign which is also based on legal acts passed by the European Parliament. There is no doubt that the motivation for the campaign is a noble one, as it relates to citizens’ health. However, in my opinion it is also highlighting issues which are not dignified and which discriminate against a large section of society, which has practically been criminalised due to its dependence on smoking. The heavy financial losses of pub-type establishments in the countries that introduced a ban on smoking in restaurants cannot be overlooked either. I presume that the attention that is given to smokers should also appropriately be given to the tobacco industry. It is not a secret that for decades some ingredients have been added to tobacco, such as nitrosamines, which are nitrogen compounds that cause cancer and an increased absorption of nicotine. In most cases the damage to a human being is caused not by nicotine but by these very admixtures. In my opinion, tobacco production and the composition of tobacco products should also be subject to regulation."@en1

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