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"May I express my thanks for your good wishes to my country, Malta, which together with Cyprus joined the Euro area two weeks ago, bringing the number of countries using the Euro as their currency to 15. This means that the majority of EU Member States now use the same currency. During the celebrations held in Malta two days ago the Presidents of the Council and the Commission and also Mario Mauro, Vice-President of the European Parliament, all congratulated Malta on the rapid progress it had made in the three years since it joined the European Union and on its transition to the Euro, which is going well and without any problems. In fact, despite the fact that the dual circulation period runs until the end of this month, I can state that after just two weeks almost all transactions are already being carried out in euros. The people of Malta and Gozo are proud to embrace the Euro and to have made another great step forward in the process of European union."@en1

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