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"− The next item is the statements from the Council and the Commission on the results of the European Council of 13 and 14 December and the report on the six months of the Portuguese Presidency. I should first of all like to thank the Portuguese President sincerely and to recognise how very successful the Portuguese Presidency has been. I should also like, even though I cannot name them all, to mention a few representative people: the President-in-Office, Prime Minister José Sócrates, Foreign Minister Luís Amado, Secretary of State Manuel Lobo Antunes and also, of course, Ambassador Álvaro Mendonça e Moura. Many thanks to you and all your colleagues who have assisted you. My sincere thanks also to the Commission and its President, José Manuel Durão Barroso. I should also like to say here once again (I have already said this briefly to the European Council) that the fact that we have been able to reach a result on the important issue of the Galileo Project is also due to the fact that the European Commission and the European Parliament have cooperated so well together and we have in the end been able to achieve a good result together with the Portuguese Presidency. Many thanks to the Commission too in this respect. Ladies and gentlemen, the past week has been very eventful. First of all the signing of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on Wednesday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, followed by the signing of the Reform Treaty on Thursday in Lisbon and finally the Summit on Friday in Brussels. I must say, President-in-Office, Mr Sócrates, that the ceremonial signing of the Treaty at the Hieronymus Monastery in Lisbon was a very beautiful, symbolic expression of our many common interests. We hope that all the parliaments and peoples will now follow Hungary’s example and quickly adopt the Treaty as well."@en1

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