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"Mr President, Mr Schulz is perfectly correct that this is a week of celebration, solemnly proclaiming the Charter protecting our citizens from abuse of the great power vested inside the Union, and the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon strengthening our capacity to act and improving dramatically the quality of our democracy. I am delighted that Prime Minister Brown has finally decided to show up, although, unfortunately, to show up late. I am afraid that is par for the course for British participation in the EU. Please be careful that Mr Brown signs in pen rather than in pencil! The European Council is our first chance to step forward decisively from this introspective period of reflection and start to do some serious politics. First up is Kosovo, and here the Union is about to supervise the independence of a country without the approval of the UN Security Council. It is crucial for the future of Kosovo and the rest of us that those who fear that such a bold step will create a precedent choose the wise path of constructive abstention and do not seek to block the self-determination of Kosovans. The European Council should also begin to take some firm decisions on the size and shape of the ESDP mission to Kosovo as a signal of its intention. We should also, moreover, reiterate our refusal to sign a stabilisation and association agreement with Serbia before the delivery of its war criminals to the ICC. It is in this context that the Sarkozy-inspired could be put to some serious work to build up some alternative scenarios for the future of the Balkans, but it must not mess up our current commitments."@en1
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