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". Madam President, Mr Vice-President, what you said about having commissioned studies and preparing conferences is very heartening, but let me ask you a simple question. I do not intend to ask whether you are going to present a communication by 10 June 2008, but I will ask whether you are going to present, by 10 June 2008, in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 11 of the current version of the Eurovignette Directive, what that Directive calls – and I quote – ‘a generally applicable, transparent and comprehensible model for the assessment of all external costs’ and for the assignment of these external costs to operators of all modes of transport. So are we going to get a model for the assessment and assignment of external costs, yes or no? My first question is as simple as that. And so to my second question. If I read the situation correctly, in contrast to the requirement to present a model, you are under no obligation at all to present an amendment to the Eurovignette Directive in 2008. That would no doubt be impossible anyway, because the idea, if I understood it correctly, is to develop a model for the distribution of costs and then, at the implementation stage, to apportion external costs to operators of all modes of transport – inland navigation, sea shipping, railways, private cars and so on. What must not happen is that you begin by undertaking an amendment of the Eurovignette Directive and apportioning external costs to hauliers but take no action to ensure that operators of barges, trains, etc. also meet their external costs. This is why I should like to know whether you will be undertaking a revision of the Eurovignette Directive at the same time as you provide for the apportionment of external costs among the other modes of transport too. Two simple questions, and I hope to receive two simple answers."@en1

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