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"Under the terms of effective environmental protection, the world’s oceans, particularly the marine waters around Europe, must be given greater consideration in the policies of the EU. The present Marine Strategy Framework Directive is a reaction to the challenges arising from climate change and provides for measures by both the EU and the Member States. In order to take the appropriate steps at European level, it is vital in the first instance that the environmental status in the marine environment is charted by uniform criteria. Furthermore, the Directive forces the Member States to achieve good environmental status in the marine environment by 2017 and to create the regulations necessary for this. I would ask the Member States, in the context of the report, to take the necessary steps to verify and trace marine pollution so that the ‘polluter pays’ principle can be applied. The steps already taken by the EU with regard to the capture of CO2 in the seabed must be strengthened, since these are an innovative contribution to combating climate change. Pilot projects already in existence, however, must be critically reviewed, mainly with regard to their efficiency and possible consequential damage. In order to counter climate change effectively, we should not be shutting out innovations, but incorporating them into a broad EU environmental policy."@en1

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