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"Mr President, I should like to thank the Prime Minister for his refreshing speech about political union. I would be grateful if he could find the time to travel to London to repeat it to Gordon Brown, his fellow Social Democrat Prime Minister, including the passages on the importance of the social dimension of the single market, and the importance of solidarity and the cohesion of the Union faced with global challenges. In a fortnight the Prime Minister will be at the December European Council meeting, discussing with President Sarkozy the proposal to create a . I would be grateful if he could tell President Sarkozy that we ought not to upset the prospects for ratification of the Treaty by reopening quarrels about procedures and the balance of power. Please could he also tell him that it is not sensible to try to set the geographical frontiers of Europe. The enlargement process is firmly established. Europe will find its final shape when European countries as yet outside the Union stop wanting to join us."@en1

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