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"Madam President, the solemn proclamation of the Charter is the climax of our work, stretching back to 1999, aimed at creating a superior form of rights regime for the Union. Since the principal purpose of the Charter is to protect citizens from abuse of the large powers now vested in the Union, it is bizarre and regrettable that a Member State should seek to escape its binding effect. It is my belief that the British protocol will be found to be juridically flawed, as well as a serious political mistake. The courts are bound to develop jurisprudence for the entire Union system that is blind to nationality and faithful to the key principle of Union law, which is that we draw our fundamental rights from the traditions that are common to all our Member States, as opposed to being exclusive to one. In my view, and that of my Group, the British opt-out is shameful and should fade to oblivion as quickly as possible."@en1

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