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"Mr President, this is a political programme which suits a year in which the pace of integration is going to quicken dramatically with the completion of the Reform Treaty process and the expansion of the Schengen and the euro zones. But preparing for the bringing into force of the Treaty will be our principal task and here the Liberal Group have two principal concerns. First: that in building the area of freedom, security and justice the integration of the third pillar with the first should be as fast and comprehensive as possible. And secondly, with relation to the CFSP, reaching a first class agreement between the Council, Commission and Parliament upon the setting up of the external service promises to be fairly exciting and quite tricky. To explain and justify the Treaty to national parliaments and to public opinion, we ought to put greater stress on the social and cultural dimension of the single market, such as migration policy, as well as on the fight to combat climate change. These things will assist us to sell the Treaty. The CAP Check should be directly associated with the future reform of the financial system through an expansion of a cofinancing of the CAP. Finally, I should be grateful to hear the college’s assessment of President Sarkozy’s plan to establish a further ‘Comité des Sages’ to brood on the future of Europe."@en1

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