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"Ladies and gentlemen, the Conference of Presidents has taken a unanimous decision, which I am relaying to you, addressing myself in particular to the Council. In the context of its deliberations on the Commission’s proposal for the amendment of the Regulation on the funding of European political parties, the Committee of Permanent Representatives decided yesterday to split the Commission’s proposal in two and to adopt the necessary amendments to the Financial Regulation in a separate legislative instrument, to be created on the legal basis that applies to amendments to the Financial Regulation. This would mean that key elements of this legislative process would be taken out of the sphere of parliamentary codecision and that the Commission, contrary to its own convictions, would have to present a new proposal, while it would also be essential, or at least advisable, to consult the Court of Auditors. The European Parliament calls on the Council to reconsider its decision. The amendments to the Political Parties Regulation proposed by the Commission are necessary to overcome practical difficulties that have arisen in its application. They would also make it possible to continue supporting the development at the European level of political foundations, which play an important part in opening political processes to public scrutiny. For these reasons, it is imperative that the proposed regulation should enter into force very soon. On 22 October, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs adopted a report expressing willingness to compromise with the Council to pave the way for the rapid adoption of the proposed regulation. The splitting of this instrument by the Permanent Representatives has thwarted these efforts. It is legally unnecessary, undermines the Commission’s right of initiative, curtails the rights of Parliament, and is likely to cause significant delays. On behalf of the Conference of Presidents I call on the Council to overturn at ministerial level the decision of the Permanent Representatives. I have been asked for leave to speak, but there will be no debate thereafter."@en1

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