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". Madam President, now that Mrs Lulling has addressed me directly, may I say that just because others are doing things badly, that should not be a role model for us. The fact that debates are still being conducted at this hour or even later in the national parliaments does not improve the situation here. It is a bitter experience, when one makes reform proposals, to find that others are constantly blocking them with reference to something else. My second point is this: there was no delay, Mrs Lulling. At most, there were misunderstandings. The delay to which I have referred was the unfortunate coincidence of several matters having to be dealt with simultaneously. As to my third point, I stand by my opinion. I believe that, from a political and, indeed, a democratic perspective, it is not sensible to hold so-called debates at such a late hour, and I look forward to seeing the Commissioner again with our mutual friend Mr Staffler in the Hotel Laurin in Bolzano and conducting a dialogue there. I think it is very likely that political progress will be made on that occasion rather than here, given that there are now just three of us plus the Commissioner – yes, let me repeat that, just three of us – engaging in pseudo-debates with each other at this ungodly hour."@en1

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