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". Madam President, the Green Paper on improving the efficiency of the enforcement of judgments in the European Union represents a further stage in the development of a European area of justice. I endorse the view put forward by the rapporteur in this report and support the introduction of a swift and effective procedure for obtaining an order for attachment of bank accounts in the European Union. In the context of ongoing integration in the Single Euro Payments Area, a legal provision of this nature seems to be both appropriate and desirable. In view of the many difficulties involved in investigating claims, it is my belief that the European Union should introduce an independent additional procedure that would stand alongside national provisions. Such a procedure ought to apply only in cross-border cases and relate solely to funds in bank accounts and not to other assets. It is simply a case of provisionally securing a creditor’s claim, not of finally settling it. Unjustified attachment may have serious consequences for the debtor and impact negatively on confidence in the European legal system. I therefore believe that particular care should be taken to protect the debtor. This could involve, for instance, submission of security by the creditor, the right to object, limiting the amount liable or even a requirement for the creditor to submit an application for court proceedings to be brought regarding the main action."@en1

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