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"Madam President, I think the report is an interesting contribution to dealing with a very complex issue: the difficulty of cross-border debt recovery. I think the rapporteur, Mr Lechner, is to be congratulated for paving the way for a general European solution to the current fragmentation of national rules on enforcement, which severely hampers cross-border debt collection. This situation is of particular concern to a creditor who has the misfortune of seeing his debtor swiftly moving his money out of a known account into another account in the same or another Member State. Therefore, the Commission welcomes Parliament’s report. I will carefully consider the main concerns expressed by the rapporteur and by Parliament in relation to the Green Paper. In particular, the form and the scope of the possible Community instrument, the effects of future procedure, the legal condition for granting an attachment order, the compensation of costs and the protection of debtors are important issues that have been highlighted by the rapporteur. I can confirm to you that any proposal or communication in this area will be preceded by an in-depth evaluation and impact assessment, in close cooperation with this Parliament."@en1

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