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"I thank the Presidency very much for that reply. The case of Madeleine McCann has aroused a lot of interest and, indeed, controversy. I am not going to go into the details of that case, but what concerns me here is what lessons we can learn generally about the adequacy of European action in the case of missing children. I want to ask about three issues. The first is a missing children’s hotline. Yesterday, Commissioner Frattini told us that he was not at all satisfied by Member States’ action to implement the Council decision from February for a single 116 phone number for missing children, which should have been in place in August. Only four Member States have chosen a service provider, three Member States have failed to respond to a request for information at all. That is not very impressive! Will you chase up the other 23 Member States? Secondly, a few weeks ago, Justice and Home Affairs Ministers called for an EU database on missing children. I believe that some private attempts have been made in cooperation with YouTube and Madeleine McCann’s parents. Will the EU support having a proper database? Thirdly, you talked about work on the exchange of information on sex offenders, but when are we going to have a computerised database?"@en1

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