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"Mr President, I would like to echo those who have already talked about banning the production, export and stockpiling of these weapons – cluster bombs – which are so harmful to civilians, and to express my support for the Oslo Process, despite the fact that, as the previous speaker said, my country manufactures, stockpiles and exports these types of weapons. I must make one point, however: on 21 September – i.e. just a month ago – the government, in the shape of the party that supports it, the Socialist Party, tabled in parliament an amendment to the Law on control of external trade in defence and dual-use material aimed partly at restricting – and, where appropriate, prohibiting – cluster bombs that are particularly dangerous for civilians. In other words, the trend is changing in my country: the manufacture, stockpiling and export of these weapons were approved by previous governments. This government is fully committed to the Oslo Process and wants to see the gradual elimination and, eventually, complete prohibition of their manufacture, stockpiling and export. This was the important point that I wanted to make."@en1

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