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". Madam President, the Africa of today has two faces: first there is the one of extreme poverty and human tragedy, as in the case of Darfur and Somalia, and then there is the other face, which is all too often ignored, of a continent that in spite of everything is innovating, that is becoming more democratic, although too slowly, and that little by little is returning to the path of growth. The new EU-Africa strategy therefore needs to take this dual reality into account and support this still fragile process by means of a genuine political partnership: one that is based on unity, for it is Africa in its entirety, through the voice of the African Union, that has to be our main point of contact; on equity with an agenda that has been drawn up together and not imposed by the North, and on humility, for Europe is not the one and only partner Africa has. The EU must also support the process by using the Millennium Development Goals as a roadmap, by keeping to its promises and meeting the financial commitments made by the EU and by the Member States and, finally, by recognising the role played by the African parliaments. The Martens report is in fact the message that we are sending today to the Commission and the Council, and we shall be in Lisbon in December to see if this message has actually got through."@en1

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